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Blackshot Buy All Package

Most orders are shipped within 48 hours, but may occasionally be delayed a few days. Shipping times quoted are the approximate delivery time once your package reaches the shipping carrier. If you need an item in a rush, please contact us first to find out if a rush shipment is available. Thanks for your patience.

blackshot buy all package

BlackShot has entered into the next stage in the evolution of its flagship Online First-Person Shooter with the updated version, Overdrive drives a massive content update that will add 22 weapons, 10 maps, 2 game modes and 4 premium packages.

Additionally, players can augment their arsenal with all-new premium packages in the shop. These packages contain a unique firearm available only in that package, including the G36 Neo Striker, KSG Legion, AWP Harimau and P90 Legion.

With the recent launch of their free to play FPS Blackshot on Steam, Vertigo games and Papaya Play have announced the release of Overdrive, a massive content update. This update adds a good amount of new weaponry, new maps, game modes and premium packages.

We're giving out a bonus reward package for all accounts who transfer over. You could qualify for even more prizes if you have any friends you'd like to bring with you, and can refer enough of them to us.

Lastly, the all-new Ragnarok server will be opening soon after our main service launches, and pre-registering for this fresh, non-transfer server will yield a starting reward package as well. 041b061a72


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