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Evil Nun APK: The Best Horror Game for Android

You can play lots of mini games in this application because it is absolutely loaded with hundreds of mini games. There are also many challenges which you have to play and if you play the challenges correctly then you will be able to quickly get rid of the Evil school in which there is lots of evil energy.

evil nun apk

Download apk:

Evil Nun is a free arcade game that was developed by Keplerians Horror Games for mobile devices. In this horror adventure, players will experience a different kind of summer camp activity as they fight for survival and manage to escape from the evil nun out to get them.

Similar to Horror Clown Survival or Haunted Grandpa House, Evil Nun is not what it seems to be at first. Players will soon realize the dangerous and horrific fate that awaits them as they progress through the game's story with a mad and evil nun at the center of it all.

Evil Nun is set at Eagle's Junior High School, wherein you have received a mysterious invitation to participate in a summer camp activity that is going to take place there. The entire event will be handled by a nun named Sister Madeline. Little do you know, however, that the seemingly harmless facilitator has something more sinister and evil in store for you.

Will you survive an encounter with the evil nun? In this first-person terror arcade, players will step into the shoes of a child whom a nun out of your worst nightmares has locked up in a school. Your goal is to escape and help the rest of the children who are locked up while she prepares a satanic ritual in which you will be the star. Evil Nun APK mixes adventure and survival elements but, it is first and most importantly a horror title, so if you do not enjoy the genre, you will be better off avoiding it: the blessed nun will give you nightmares for days. Download Evil Nun Android for free to play a game that includes several difficulty options. The higher the level, the harder it will be to escape from the clutches of the nun.

Our mission is to escape by solving riddles and puzzles and look for ways to get away while we hide from the nun. The problem is that the evil woman has a better ear than a bored retiree, and will come running at the slightest noise you make. The moment she catches you, she will punish you bloodily with her hammer, and you will reappear in your room.

Evil Nun 2 MOD APK has explained the strange connection between the perverted ice cream seller Rod in the Ice Scream series and many other famous evil characters in the horror game world. Enjoying the return of Evil Nun, you will have many goosebumps from fear.

Do you want to challenge yourself with a horror experience? Choose to play Evil Nun instead of other games. It is one of the best horror games on the mobile platform. The background and game story are built based on the image of Valak in the movie The Nun. So you will meet the evil nun again in the endless pursuit. Your mission is to escape the school where you are held captive by the nun. It was a long journey with many surprises to escape the heart. Hone your puzzle and exploration skills to overcome any challenge and return home safely.

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