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Make The Girl Dance \\\\'Baby Baby Baby\\\\' (Uncensored)

ag: so when you were reading, you did get to that moment and were like i cant get to the end, im reading and i cant put this character down and i cant keep reading. and you got to that understanding and that knowledge and i feel like im so much more because of that, you take it into account and it makes it easier for you, it makes it easier for you, i feel.

Make The Girl Dance \\\\'Baby Baby Baby\\\\' (Uncensored)


ag: they almost felt like they were life buddies, and then when she came back in the second half she wasnt saying how can we live with out you, it was completely reversed to me and then the ending she got. so i guess, i did, i guess i had done that.

they raised a baby and they raised her to lead all those other monkeys. she knows i cannot live without nyagak and the idea that because she was raised by monkeys that she has no conscience. she knows that when she gets to the asylum and they ask her, who did this, she tells them to go to hell and shes not going to say.

because even though they were raised together and all that, nyagak is as great a mother, a mother of nyagak was. she gave her birth she brought her up, she made her into who she is, i dont know. thats the problem, thats why it made me feel like, yes, i feel guilty.

ag: so you guys are like gods, everyone who comes to watch your movie and its all about you, but what you all have, ive been thinking for a while actually, what was the role of the mother in all this, and i think it is the most powerful. its a little bit like me, because ive read a lot of scripts, ive seen a lot of things that people have written about, ive written my own stuff and ive been working really hard in the last few years and this year. ive been trying to get a role in this kind of work and ive talked to you guys about it and i dont know if you remember me talking about it at the berlinale, but in berlin at the talented youth film festival i talked about my experiences of being a mother, and then this story just kind of then came and i was really focused on being a mother but i was saying that i wanted to do like 10 days of research, i wanted to do like weeks and weeks of research, because i felt that i wanted to really give this character, a really interesting life. so i did that and i read 5 months of research, ive read so much. there were so many things about it that were so good, but i just had to go back to being the mother first and i felt so lucky that i did that because i went back through my life as a mother and then i realised what i needed to draw from and how i felt about it and what i knew and now i really know it. and it made it easier, it made it simple because i knew where it came from, and i knew where it comes from. i just felt lucky that my upbringing, that my parents raised me right, i was raised in the best environment so yeah. just like youve got a father, youve got these people that are going to watch your movie. and that was the thing i really liked about it, in this film, these people had pretty much made up their own version of who i was, but i know my maternal mother, i know a lot of things about the ones that ive read about. when i was little i used to watch movies with my maternal mother and she would always say, oh, thats what youd want your kids to be like, so ive been watching a lot of films and watching a lot of documentaries and a lot of things like i said before, ive been watching a lot of documentaries lately like about the family of tibetans refugees trying to get out of china. i watched so many things and i did a lot of reading, i did a lot of talking to people and i did a lot of thinking. and in the end what came out of it is the best for me because its true, its real, its not just something i want to do, its something that is something that came out of my life.


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