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Hunger Games

Collins also cites as a classical inspiration the Roman gladiator games. She feels three key elements create a good game: an all powerful and ruthless government, people forced to fight to the death, and the game's role as a source of popular entertainment.[12]

Hunger Games

okay but the best moment in this whole franchise, and the one that leaves you the most fucked up (sorry rue! sorry prim!) is when katniss watches lenny kravitz get mauled as a tube traps her, lifting her up to one of the most audacious arenas the games have ever seen, the camera twirling around her, the countdown beginning so ominously overhead, the sounds of waves crashing as jennifer lawerence expertly maneuvers from pure horror and distraught into determination to save peeta, diving into what would become the most fucked up game of cbs' survivor to date

RueThe rue plant (Ruta) is an evergreen "herb-of-grace" that carries many metaphors. It's been called the plant of purity and it is featured in many cultural and religious ceremonies. In literature, it has been used as a symbol of both regret and freedom. And so it is an apt name for the young girl who befriends Katniss during the games, whose death serves as a turning point in the narrative. When Rue is killed, Katniss's regret becomes a sense of freedom, prompting her to launch the critical rebellion.

I had not thought of Katniss in quite the light you discuss her as but I do agree she is both a feminist ideal- both sexes are in the games with equal opportunities which was something I thought was well done but also under the patriarchal rule of the Capital. Very nice. 041b061a72


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