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Guide To Converting from European Odds to Asian Handicap Odds in Football Betting

Converting from European Odds to Asian Handicap is one of the top concerns for sports bettors on various football betting websites. Many are still unsure of the essence of these two types of odds and mistakenly believe they are unrelated. To assist players in understanding this matter better, the following hot football tips will address all issues related to Asian Handicap and European Odds, as well as how to switch between them. Let's delve into it.

Understanding European Odds

This type of odds is extremely popular on current bookmaker platforms and is also known as "European Odds". There are three forms to place bets with the symbols 1 x 2, namely:

1: Indicates the home team's victory.

x: Indicates a draw (tie).

2: Indicates the away team's victory.

You need to thoroughly analyze all match-related developments to secure an easy win here: Effective European Odds Betting Strategies.

Understanding Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap, is a more straightforward form of betting compared to European Odds, which is why it attracts a larger player base. In this type of betting, the weaker team according to the bookmaker will have the handicap adjusted to even the odds. One particular advantage here is that the probability of winning in Handicap is much higher compared to European Odds. However, the potential winnings might not be as substantial as with European Odds.

Visit here for the most comprehensive guide on reading Asian Handicap football odds.

Reasons to Consider Converting European Odds to Asian Handicap

You should convert European Odds to Handicap for the following reasons:

Asian Handicap provides a higher probability of correct predictions (up to 50% higher than European Odds).

Profit percentages vary between bookmakers.

The amount required to place bets differs across various bookmakers.

Due to these factors, players need to cleverly switch from European Odds to Handicap to make accurate calculations and gain the most advantages for themselves.

The relationship between Odds and Handicap bets

At first glance, these two types of betting are unrelated.

One side is betting mainly based on probability. One side bets based on the house's opening of multiple options.

However, they have something in common: they are all related to calculating probability.

If you want to win in any form, you must calculate carefully.

Analyze each factor related to that football match and decide to bet.

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How to Convert from European Odds to Asian Handicap

The conversion rate of the handicap odds

For the European handicap, we will have the formula:

Home team win = 1/[Probability of home team winning/[Probability of away team winning + Probability of home team winning]]

Away team = 1/[1 – Home team win]

The conversion rate of the half handicap odds

In the half handicap odds, you need to note that:

Odds for the winning team with handicap: “FT1” : 2.00 – 2.1 Where the lower winning odds will be better.

Odds for a draw “FTX”: 3.20 – 3.40

Odds for losing “FT2”: 3.20 – 3.60. In this case, if FT2 is higher, there is a possibility: the loser - having less money.

FT1 is the lowest

FT2 is the highest and always higher than FTX

FTX is always the highest.

The conversion rate from Water Money

We will have fluctuation rates from 1.25% – 7% of the two doors calculated for the Asian Handicap odds. However, players will not be able to see this in the European betting format.

The conversion rate will be calculated according to the formula: Payout is calculated based on 3 doors, based on the Fixed Odds of the European handicap with 3 doors win/draw/lose

We will have the rate:

Water Money = “100% – Payout”.

The conversion rate from Fixed Odds

Understanding Fair Odds is completely impossible. Participants can only know the Odds - on the market.

We take a European handicap door as the standard if the odds ratio on the market converts - Fixed Odds - of |European| to |Asian|. In the opposite case, do the same with the same method.


We have just learned in betting tips sites detail how to convert from European odds to Asian Handicap.

Indeed, it is not simple if you just skim through.

Try to read each step and conversion method carefully. You will be able to perform it easily and convert it yourself right away.

Wish you success.


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