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this is where the third set of key columns comes into play. i had just enough solder for a row of 1/2 inch pins, but there were 2 soldered row on the top pin set, so i moved the columns on my controller to another pair of rows, leaving the pins on the bottom half of the board free to solder pins on the bottom row.

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adding the final pins to the microcontroller complete the keyboard, wiring is now done. ive attached a photo of the final build so you can see how it all comes together. again, a ton of soldering is required.

now its time to put all of the soldering together. its your choice if you want to put the switches on the keyboard, and its your choice if you want to put the ribbon cable in for connecting to the microcontroller.

the next step is to finish the keyboard with the actual electronics. i used a 1/2 inch header for the microcontroller so all i had to do was solder the microcontroller to the board. this is the only step that required some soldering skill.

this is the first half of my test. i plug the power cord in, and the computer turns on. the keyboard powers on. but if the computer is powered off, the keyboard power's off too. not good. this means the keyboard will only work while the computer is on. this is the current setup.

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