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SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition - OlIvEr Download

SQL Server Reporting Services also support ad hoc reports: the designer develops a report schema and deploys it on the reporting server, where the user can choose relevant fields/data and generate reports. Users can then download the reports locally.

SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition - OlIvEr download

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For versions 2.1 to 2.4.1 there was a problem with the linked server being created from the monitoring instance. If you download version 2.4.2 (860) or newer, delete the linked server called sql-aotest-list and then restart the database health historic wait monitoring, that should fix the linked server issue.

There is a free trial for 14 days, but even if you need to buy it, it's only $20 for 3 servers (at the moment of writing, 2012-06-28). This seems more than fair to me considering the thousands everybody using SQL Server Express edition has saved.

Visual Studio shipped the final release of VS 2005 SP1 yesterday. It is available for immediate download in all 10 languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and both traditional and simplified Chinese). You can download and install it here.

This SP release is a pretty major service pack, and incorporates a lot of bug-fixes and feedback from customers. Included built-in with the service pack is support for VS 2005 Web Application Projects (which we also made available as a separate download back in May). It also contains a number of design-time performance optimizations and fixes across the product.

The service pack itself is a fairly large download (431Mb), and can take 30-90 minutes to update your Visual Studio 2005 installation depending on which versions of VS you have installed, and what features are enabled. So you should plan ahead and not expect it to be a few second operation (note: it is a good task to kick off before lunch or in the evening).

1) Before starting the SP1 upgrade make sure you first uninstall the standalone VS 2005 Web Application Project download if you've installed that on your system. You'll no longer need this as support for it is built-in to SP1, and the SP1 installer will block and make you uninstall it if you have it installed. Your existing web application project files will continue to work just fine - so you won't need to-do anything to update them to work with SP1.

P.S. Some people have noticed that my pictures and sample downloads on my site are missing at the moment. Unfortunately the Puget Sound region was hit by a really bad storm last night, and all electrical power was knocked out in the area shortly before 1am (exactly 3 minutes after I finished my ASP.NET AJAX RC post last night - I hit submit just in time ). Both my house and the Microsoft campus are without power at the moment, which means the server hosting my pictures/downloads is not running. They are hoping to get us power again in the next few days, at which time my server will (fingers crossed) come back up. Until then I'm hanging out in a very crowded Starbucks for heat/light and will also be sporadic on email. Sorry in advance for any delays.

Your comment about Mirroring and standard edition confused me a bit. Mirroring is not on the list of deprecated features for SQL 2014 but might be on a future edition: -us/library/ms143729(v=sql.120).aspx

Great post! I have a SQL 2012 licensing question. For 2 node failover clustering, I do not need to buy SA for standard edition, correct? But if I want to implement 2 node failover clustering for local HA and another log shipping node for DR, can I do it by standard edition and without buying any additional licenses for secondary nodes?

Revised copies of the SQL Server 2012 licensing guide indicate that you do need SA, even for standard edition. As always, consult Microsoft on this. You may be grandfathered into a previous licensing agreement, but it will depend on how your agreements are worded.

I have a question about SSIS/SSRS, if I have a license for Enterprise editions, If install SSIS or SSRS( report Server part) on the application server, does that require a new license for those tools? .Both tools will be connected to that DB server( ent) .


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