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Best Buy Iphone Forever

Our guide is based on my many years of reviewing iPhones. From the iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 14 series, I've learned the pros and cons of each model, and which is best suited for a particular user. I also work with a team of seasoned tech reporters who have also contributed their experience to this guide.

best buy iphone forever

Otherwise, the iPhone 14 Plus is nearly the same as the iPhone 14. But, again, it's a big-screen iPhone option for $200 less than you usually have to pay for a big-screen iPhone with the best battery life, and those are two of the biggest criteria when searching for a phone.

Rumors suggest the next iPhone SE will have an updated design to look like a current iPhone Mini. If so, the next iPhone SE could be the best option for fans of smaller iPhones. However, we're not making any recommendations based on rumors.

Despite its caveats, its affordable price tag can't be dismissed. It's an inexpensive entry into the Apple ecosystem for iMessage, FaceTime, Apple Watch, and AirPods. If you're looking to spend as little as possible on an iPhone, the iPhone SE 2022 is your best bet.

If you want to hold on to an iPhone for the longest amount of time possible, your best bet is always to buy the latest generation, even if it's the most expensive option. In this case it's the iPhone 14 series.

We test iPhones as if they were our main phones for at least a week, often longer, to get the best feel for their performance, cameras, battery life, and new features while bringing you a timely, definitive review.

Throughout the last decade, ZDNET's mobile experts have been daily driving, carefully testing, and putting every model of the iPhone through its paces to provide you, the consumer, with not only the best advice on which model to buy but also the key aspects to look out for when you do. I've also tapped the industry's best analysts and subject-matter experts to curate this definitive list of the best iPhones you can buy in 2023.

This year's best overall iPhone currently goes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It's a mouthful, but for good reason. The 6.7-inch model is the largest of the iPhone 14 line and comes stacked with the latest features that Apple has to offer. That includes "Dynamic Island," which replaces the iconic notch with a pill that doubles as a live status indicator, eSIM, A16 Bionic chip, and a new 48MP main sensor that shoots some of the most detailed imagery that our reviewers have ever seen on an iPhone.

Battery life and general performance get a bump, too, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max proving its endurance during ZDNET's testing period. The rest is nearly identical to last year's "best overall iPhone", the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It's still a big device to carry around, Ceramic Shield and an IP68 rating are the foundation of the iPhone's durability, and you can expect years and years of iOS updates to keep the software fresh.

The iPhone SE (2022) is the other contender as far as small iPhones go, but its outdated design makes the iPhone 13 Mini the more practical choice in the modern age of digital consumption. Speaking of which, there are some obvious drawbacks to the smaller form factor like battery life, display quality, and multitasking. But if you can shoulder the three, then the iPhone 13 Mini is the best mini iPhone to date.

What makes the iPhone 13 the "best old-generation iPhone" this year is the permanent price reduction. Selling for $799 originally, the 2021 iPhone can now be had for $699 at your local Apple store. "The regular iPhone 13 is extremely similar to the current iPhone 14, so it is easy to recommend at a $100 discount," says Greengart.

After weighing all the available models and options, the iPhone 14 Pro Max stands tall as the best iPhone overall. It features the latest A16 Bionic processor, the best iPhone camera system to date, and a dynamic design that laps even last year's lineup. Still, there are more affordable and smaller alternatives that are worth your consideration. The chart below gives you a snapshot comparison of our top picks.

It used to be fairly easy to choose an iPhone model as you typically selected either the "big" iPhone or the "small" one. With four models available in the iPhone 14 series alone, you have to dig a bit deeper to choose which is best for you. This is especially true of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro that are nearly the same hardware so check out our question above for more on this decision.

The process to make our selections includes testing the phones for weeks, reading reviews from other websites and publications, researching reviewer guides and manufacturer websites, talking with colleagues, analysts, and other industry experts who have hands-on experience with the phones, and then selecting the best from all of the available choices.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best selfie picture-taking capabilities of all iPhones. I included a spec chart below which includes the capabilities and details of the selfie photo and video capabilities.

Last year's Google Pixel 7 Pro pairs fantastic hardware design with all the user-centric perks of stock Android. Its cameras are also better than ever, with a new 30x Super Res Zoom that competes with Samsung and Apple's best. You can also expect up to five years of software updates with the Pixel line.

Apple is home to potent products, with a history of quickly dominating any new market it enters. Its success with its versions of the tablet, smartwatch, and Bluetooth headphones has proven that. With reliable stock growth over the last five years and rumored plans to enter lucrative markets such as augmented/virtual reality and electric vehicles, Apple is an excellent stock to buy now and hold forever.

While the company is best known for its PC offerings, Nvidia's data center business made up the biggest portion of revenue in its Q3 fiscal 2023 report, with the segment's $3.83 billion rising 31% from the year before. According to BlueWeave Consulting, the $206.2 billion data center market will see a compound annual growth rate of 10.2% until 2028. Considering Nvidia's significant growth in the segment and a recently announced partnership with Microsoft to build a "massive cloud AI computer," Nvidia stands to see considerable gains for years to come.

Additionally, while Nvidia's gaming segment earned $1.57 billion, falling 51% year over year, market declines are unlikely to last forever. Consumer spending will rise as inflation settles, making Nvidia a worthy stock to buy now and hold for the long haul.

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If you keep your phone in a case and aren't prone to drops, buying your phone outright at the start may be your best bet because you are likely to get more than 50% of your phone's value back when you resell it.

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