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Best Luxury Suv To Buy Used

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For the car-buying public, that can make finding a new luxury SUV that fits a budget especially challenging. Models from top premium brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others can all carry price tags that far exceed the six-figure mark. The used market is a great way to get around those sky-high prices, and there are great deals to be found if you know where to look.

We focused on the 2018 model year as the sweet spot for used luxury SUVs. There are so many to choose from that we gave a few models an honorable mention, despite them being excellent in any other comparison. We also steered clear of high-end models from mainstream automakers like Toyota, Volkswagen, Buick, Honda, and Chevrolet. This applies to models like the Cadillac Escalade, which is a household name in the luxury space.

The 2018 RX could be outfitted in an aggressive F Sport trim, which added an adaptive suspension, updated steering, and even more muscular styling, but the powertrain remained the same. Even so, the RX for 2018 was well equipped in almost all of its forms, sporting premium-feel synthetic leather, 18-inch wheels, and more in the most basic configuration. Today, the Lexus can be found in several great specifications on the used market, and all achieved "Top Safety Pick" status by the IIHS.

The 2019 Audi Q7 gets a 5/5 for its reliability rating, like the other luxury used SUVs on this list. The climate system in the 2019 Audi Q7 gets a 3/5 while the in-car electronics get a 2/5. Paint/trim gets a 4/5. Everything else is a perfect 5/5. The Audi Q7s continue to get more reliable, as models from 2017 and 2018 earned a 2 and 3, respectively.

Choosing a used luxury car is almost always going to be less expensive than buying a new luxury vehicle. A used luxury car that still has a swanky interior and high-tech gadgets could save you thousands of dollars. However, there also can be downsides when compared to buying a comparably priced new vehicle from the middle of the pack.

Because of depreciation, you can get more car for your money by choosing a used luxury car. New vehicles, on average, depreciate 30.5% in the first year of ownership, 7.7% in the second and 6.8% in the third, according to Edmunds. Some luxury vehicles lose more than 70% of their value after five years. You could buy a three- or four-year-old BMW 5 Series for nearly the same price as a 2020 Toyota Camry.

Luxury cars cost more to maintain and repair. Parts can be expensive, and luxury dealer labor rates may be higher. Even basic maintenance like an oil change service can be costly at the dealer. The failure of expensive parts like the engine control unit or the transmission can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Safety and technology change rapidly, so a three-year-old luxury car may not have some of the features that can be found in a less expensive new car. For instance, the older car may not have a rear cross-traffic alert system or adaptive cruise control that you may find on a new car.

The sweet spot is luxury vehicles coming off 36- or 48-month leases. You could save 30% to 40% off the sticker price for a car with 30,000 to 48,000 miles on it, said Michael Harley, Kelley Blue Book executive editor.

You can finance a used luxury car through a bank, credit union or online lender. Or, you can also take advantage of financing through the dealer. Banks and credit unions may also finance the purchase of a used luxury car from a private party.

Generally speaking, a luxury used vehicle loan will be similar to a regular auto loan. The loan amount and APR that you can qualify for will mainly be based on your credit score. (You can check your credit score for free through My LendingTree.)

Typically, used car loans have higher interest rates than new car loans. Some banks and credit unions have a limit on the age of the car or the mileage of a vehicle they will finance. They may also limit the length of the loan for a used car. For example:

Leasing a used vehicle may make sens

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